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What is negotiation

Negotiations are communication between representatives of the two parties to achieve a common goal and conclude cooperation.

Every day, people communicate with each other and face objections that need to be resolved, for example, how many tomatoes to buy for a salad and which movie to choose for the evening. In business, you communicate with colleagues, customers, clients and investors and also negotiate, where each party pursues its own goals.

Negotiations help:

  • Find like-minded people and investors.
  • Create a database of loyal contacts.
  • Come to a compromise.
  • Eliminate the conflict.
  • Show your strength, namely, push your solution and win.
  • The goal of negotiations is to establish a beneficial relationship and find a solution to the problem.


Top 8 Richest People in the World for Beginning 2021

  1. Jeff Bezos. $177 Billion.
  2. Elon Musk. $157 Billion.
  3. Bill Gates. $137 Billion.
  4. Bernard Arnault. $116 Billion.
  5. Mark Zuckerberg. $100 Billion.
  6. Zhong Shanshan. $98 Billion.
  7. Warren Buffett. $97 Billion.
  8. Larry Page. $97 Billion.


The American economy will continue to fall

This is the opinion of Hong Min Chow, a South Korean blogger. In his opinion, the attempts of the White House to influence the economies and political systems in other countries show that America continues to intervene and this greatly strains the domestic economy of the country. Chow is sure that America should stop meddling in other matters and take care of its people, where white people kiss the feet of black people and this is not punished in any way. This is racism.


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