Business and Coffee
Business and Coffee

Taking a short coffee break is one way to increase employee productivity. This conclusion was made by experts from the Institute for Scientific Information in the field of coffee.

They conducted a study involving 8,239 people from Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. 67% of those surveyed drink coffee during the working day.

The respondents were asked why they drink coffee at work. The majority answered that they like the taste (56%). Some reported drinking it to stay alert (29%) and to switch from routine tasks (40%).

Short breaks increase labor productivity - this is the opinion of the majority of respondents (63%). Coffee was in second place in terms of its effect on performance (43%). Often respondents combine both methods: a break and a cup of coffee.

The important thing is to change the environment, drink coffee in a separate room and meet with colleagues. Communication during breaks helps relieve stress and has a positive effect on the work environment. And in an atmosphere of comfort, people are better at solving work issues.

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